Have a Landscaper Place Sod On Your Home’s Lawn

When you are unhappy with the way that your home’s lawn looks, it is easy to contact a landscaping company. A landscaper can inspect your property to create a unique landscaping design. Rather than waiting several weeks for new grass to grow on a lawn, you can have instant gratification and low maintenance with the application of sod.

Order Healthy Rolled Sod

Rolled sod is cut to the proper size for placement on a lawn, and instead of having bare soil or patches of grass, the entire surface will look beautiful. Within a few hours, your property’s lawn can transition from being an ugly surface to having one of the most gorgeous lawns in your neighborhood. The sod that a landscaper uses is grown at a specialty farm, and it is harvested carefully for transportation.

Have a Beautiful Lawn Right Away

It is possible to choose sod that has a particular variety of grass so that it will remain healthy in our region of Idaho. If you were to grow your own grass, then it could take 10 to 18 months to have a lawn that looks perfect, but with turf or sod, you can have instant gratification and low maintenance lawns within a few days after contacting a landscaper.

Contact Us Today!

Contact Hudson’s Landscaping & Irrigation at 208-791-6079 to talk to a landscaper about your property’s lawn. We provide personalized services that include an evaluation of a lawn’s soil and moisture to determine how to make it look attractive with an installation of turf or sod.