Lawn Care Services

Is your lawn having trouble fighting the LC Valley heat? Are you struggling to keep it green? Do you have lots of weeds? Are bugs or pests making your outdoor living space unbearable?

If this sounds like something you’re experiencing, you are not alone. The LC valley’s hot climate can make it difficult to maintain a lush, green lawn. Unless you know what’s causing your lawn to be unhealthy, it can be frustrating, expensive, and seemingly never-ending. At Hudsons Landscaping, we can help you with fertilizing, weed control, and eliminating pests.

Lawn Fertilization

At Hudsons Landscaping, we like to think of our fertilizer program as the turning point for your lawn.  Let Hudsons Landscaping tailor a plan designed to give your lawn the best and most specific care from our team of experts.

Weed Spraying

Let's talk about weeds! Do you need to take control of your yard and get rid of weeds? Weeds can be pesky, stubborn, and seem to provoke an ongoing battle. At Hudson's Landscaping, we know a thing or two about eliminating and controlling weeds. We offer treatment plans from basic weed control to a more customized lawn program.

Pest Control

At Hudson's Landscaping, we are a locally owned and operated pest control company that strives to offer the best customer service and pest prevention services in our community. Our registered and certified experts have developed a highly effective pest control process that not only eliminates pests but also minimizes their chances of returning while keeping your family and pets safe.