unspecified-3-1Everyone wants an outdoor space where they can breathe easy. Our professional lawn care service is committed to creating such a space for our clients. We take satisfaction in maintaining a standard of professional lawn care unmatched when it comes to landscaping in Lewiston, Idaho and Clarkston, Washington and surrounding areas. Our process is simple: we collaborate with our customer to build a cost effective, easy to maintain blueprint of an outdoor scene based on principles of practicality and aesthetics.

Landscaping was once meant to blend man’s living space in with his surroundings in nature. While many lawn care companies neglect this concept of synergizing nature with the outdoor architecture of your domain, our company takes it into close consideration before drafting a final design of your landscape.

  • Irrigation system design: what irrigation system works best for your lawn? Soil type, land slope, and existing plant family must all be taken into consideration to get the best results for your lawn.
  • Proportion design: the unique shape of your lawn- the layout, corners, and existing elements within- has to be studied prior to starting any project. Each design is like a fingerprint exclusive to each client.
  • Landscape design: this includes the final product- color, texture, lines, repetition, and balance. How your final product looks is based on the elements above, and what elements of beauty are important to you.

Landscape design is meant to draw out the beauty of your environment. We look forward to speaking with you to make your lawn as beautiful as it is functional. Give us a call to talk to a live agent about your lawn care needs.