Hudsons Landscaping Excavation Services

Hudsons Landscaping, your trusted excavation contractor serving the LC Valley, Lewiston, Clarkston, and surrounding areas. We specialize in a wide range of excavation services, from site prep and land clearing to trenching and drainage installation. Whether you are undertaking a residential or commercial project, we have the expertise and the equipment to handle all your excavation needs.

Site Prep

Preparing the site properly is crucial for the success of any construction project. Our skilled excavation team will carefully assess the terrain and perform the necessary site grading and land clearing to ensure a smooth and solid foundation for your project. With meticulous attention to detail, we will ensure that the site is properly prepared for the next phase of construction.

Land Clearing

When it comes to land clearing, Hudsons Landscaping has the expertise and equipment to handle projects of any size. Our team will safely and efficiently clear away trees, rocks, and vegetation, creating space for building or landscaping purposes. Whatever your land clearing needs may be, trust us to get the job done right.


Proper grading is essential for creating a level and stable surface. Our experienced team will expertly grade your site, ensuring proper drainage and preventing issues such as flooding and erosion. We utilize the latest technology and equipment to provide accurate and efficient grading services for both residential and commercial projects.


Hudsons Landscaping offers professional trenching services for a variety of purposes, including underground utility installation and landscaping projects. Our skilled operators will carefully excavate trenches of the desired depth and width, following all local regulations and safety guidelines. We take pride in delivering accurate and precise trenching solutions to meet your specific needs.


Backfilling is a critical step in any excavation project. After the excavation is complete, our team will expertly fill the area with suitable materials, ensuring a stable and secure foundation. With our attention to detail and commitment to quality, you can trust us to handle the backfilling process with precision and care.

Drainage Installation

Proper drainage is essential for maintaining the integrity of your property. At Hudsons Landscaping, we offer comprehensive drainage installation services to ensure water is effectively channeled away from your building or landscape. Our experienced team will assess the site, design an efficient drainage system, and install it with the highest level of craftsmanship.


When it's time to remove structures or clear space for new construction, our demolition services are just what you need. Our trained professionals are equipped to handle controlled demolition projects of various scales. Safety and efficiency are our top priorities, and we take pride in completing every demolition job to the highest standards.

Trust Hudsons Landscaping for all your excavation needs in the LC Valley, Lewiston, Clarkston, and surrounding areas. Contact us today to discuss your project requirements and receive a personalized quote. Let our expert team make your excavation project a seamless and successful experience.

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